Green Light Your Talent.™
Green Light Your Talent.™
70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! $24 $7...
70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! $24 $7...
101 | Set Ready Fundamentals
All the fundamental performer knowledge you need to know to absolutely rock it from day 1 in this biz AND advanced tips that will have you out-booking & out-earning other performers (even as a novice).
What Is 101 Set Ready Fundamentals?
A Complete Performer Knowledge 'Start-Pack' With All The 'Must-Know' Basics.
Take the guess work out of what you need to know (and have) for a great start in the Canadian film industry as a performer, including exactly what residents documents you HAVE TO bring to set so that you don't jeopardize your booking (which applies to you whether you're a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or other). 
Insider Tips That Make Novice Performers Look Like Pro Performers - Overnight.
Instead of slowly, painfully learning how the most bookable performers stand out from the crowd, over months (even years) of work - we'll give you the insights & resources that will have you looking like a total rockstar from day ONE (even if you're new).
A Library Of Downloadable Cheatsheets & Exercises For Maximizing Your Booking Potential.
You'll soon have access to our signature cheat sheets and guided exercises to inventory your assets; and as a result, you'll get more bookings AND get more for the bookings you already get (now that's something to get stoked about!)
The Definitive Guide On Building The ULTIMATE  Performer Set Kit. (Don't go to set without it!)
We've assembled the "Ultimate Performer Set Kit" based on years of collective film industry advice from on-set departments that work daily with performers on set. These items are a MUST HAVE for any performer that wants to ensure smooth, enjoyable days on set every time! (These items have been absolute lifesavers!)

Action! takers get 70% OFF $24 - Just $7
A valuable tool. Anytime you offer more knowledge to performers to be successful, it benefits everyone! 
- Extras Casting Director
In The Name of The King (2007), Rogue TV Series
I must say, the pertinent points are covered and are current to the present filming environment. 
- Additional Director
Final Destination 5 (2011)
What's Inside 101 Set Ready Fundamentals?
Multimedia Content
  •  There's 17+ lessons (written & illustrated) between 6 modules, plus a bonus video training that reveals how savvy actors use production lists to stay on top of their game (& get more bookings).
  •  There's 16 pro tips that have been collected between 15 industry advisers spanning every department that has contact with performers. 
Downloadable References
  •  There's 6 downloadable guides, templates & infographics that'll allow you to get started AND up-level your performer bookings with ease (Set Kit even includes researched links to all items).
  •  Once you've gone through these provided resources; you'll have the most comprehensive & professional performer profile in any talent pool/roster you're in.
Action! Items
  •  Built-in accountability "Action! Items" that lay out in plain language what your immediate 'next steps' should be after consuming the content (don't worry, we have your back! ;)
  •  Whether you're brand new, a young performer (or the guardian of one), or a seasoned veteran, there's an immediate Action! step for you!
Action! takers get 70% OFF $24 - Just $7
Frequently Asked Questions
What is this mini-course?
ANSWER: It is not some giant, heavy multi-day training program, and it's definitely not a simple report or eBook. It's a focused, mini-course, that is designed to quickly get you the fundamental performer knowledge you need to know to absolutely rock it from DAY 1; AND it's a hub of advanced tips that will have you out-booking & out-earning other performers (even as a novice).
Who is it for?
ANSWER: It's for novice performers who want all the fundamental knowledge of working in this biz (whether you want to be a background performer, principle, model, or stand-in); and it's for veterans who want to use the provided pro tips and exercises to up-level their game.
How is this course delivered? 
ANSWER: It's delivered 100% online through a membership portal, allowing you to access on any device, from any location, 24/7- 365.
How long will it take to get access?
ANSWER: You'll get immediate access.  After you complete your order, you'll receive an email from Reel Academy with the access instructions to log in and get started right away!
Is there a guarantee? 
ANSWER: Yes! You're protected by our 30 day guarantee for all of my trainings. Either 101 Set Ready Fundamentals rocks your world, or you get your investment back - no questions asked, no hard feelings. 
Is it really just $7?
Is there a catch? No! 

As a former performer, and talent agent, I have seen first hand that MOST of the performers in this industry don't even get the fundamental knowledge before they start; and what they do learn is either insufficient, or too late down the road. So I specifically started Reel Academy to ensure that EVERY performer in this industry who WANTS the knowledge; absolutely has the right to get it!...

...and at $7 I know it puts this knowledge within the reach of all of our industry performers… from 'would-be-soon-actors' to background performers, stand-ins, and established principle actors. 

And at $7 it also weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious performers having access to this valuable resource (because nobody wants our film sets filling up with more chuckle-heads).

Plus, honestly, I believe that if you get a taste of what we share, maybe...just'll come back and want access to the entire Set Ready knowledge library. But that's it... no 'hidden costs'
… no fine print. Just the information you need and the results you want.
Action! takers get 70% OFF $24 - Just $7

"The best part is that you'll always have access to all this content and resources at your fingertips, anytime, from any location (even from your mobile phone on a booking). It’s like having a mentor in your pocket with you wherever you are."

- Martin Traz, Founder
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